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We have worked meticulously on the design of our products seeking to give the best of the best in quality and style. I.D. PAKS jet black material will keep you credentials looking sleek and subtle.
Not only do our products look great but they are all designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers. No other product on the market contain the same functionality you get with I.D. PAK.
Compared to similar products on the market today I.D. PAK reigns supreme. Wether it's the magnetic card safe rare earth magnets or the high impact buckles, the uniqueness and innovation goes unmatched.
Shat-Tech inc. scaled the globe looking for the best materials that would protect your credentials. No matter what environment you are in I.D. PAKS are designed to last and maintain it's protection.


SHAT-TECH is a Colorado based company serving all industries since 1993. When it comes to organizing your required credentials, we give you the best of the best name badge holders and ID badge holders.


8/19/13 - ATTENTION - For orders for Canadian Government, Agencies, and Corporations please click the link at the bottom of the page for

7/14/12 - NEW PRODUCT the "Horizontal Dual" Check it out on our products page and in our new online store.

7/12/12 - Welcome to the new home of Here at Shat-Tech inc. we have been working hard the past few months to give our new website the same care and quality we give our products. We hope you enjoy the new look and new features of our site.

7/11/12 - New Website Officially Launched!

I.D. PAK by SHAT-TECH inc.

Behold, the I.D. PAK. Wether you prefer badge lanyards(meaning badge holders worn with neck lanyards) or an arm ID holder (no lanyard) for totally hands-free wear, there is an I.D. PAK to serve your needs. You’ll no longer need to shop around for ID badge holders, lanyards, clips, etc. Plus, I.D. Paks will not activate metal detectors. Wether your company requires hands-free ID card holders, firmly secured identification holders for use during physical activity, or a clear ID badge holder for rugged, completely metal-free construction, you'll be very happy with I.D. PAK. We give you the best of the best!

We have searched the globe to give you the finest materials available to manufacture the I.D. PAK. From the window material (10 mil Polymer) to the high impact plastic buckles, which can be found in mountaineering equipment, to the rubber back nylon 870 denier, we are committed to giving you the best.

Protection for all types of identification cards: TWIC’c, HSPD-12 Smart Card, Proximity Cards, Magnetic Cards, Picture Identification and Bar Code Cards.
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Canadian Government, Agencies, and Corporations

For orders for Canadian Government, Agencies, and Corporations please click the link below for to complete your order. Thank you!


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